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About Gilbert Wildlife Trust
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Gilbert Wildlife trust  is a well established wildlife & environmental conservation, tours & travel organization with over 15 years experience in handling inbound and outbound holidays not only for domestic tourists but also international tourists from all over the world.

Our specialty is the ability to design unique tours and safaris to fit every type of tourist, from the budget to the luxury providing a unique opportunity to combine bush and beach adventures with East Africa’s spectacular scenery and not forgetting the rest of the world hidden treasures.

The institution decided to explore ways of getting finance through lovely tourists who visit various tourist attraction sites in Africa to fill the gap when funding or donors take time to respond. Our wildlife needs our care and we consider them global citizens.

For many years,tourists visit Africa and leave a lot of money to tour companies but not sure of finding the same if he or she comes back in few years.

The organization therefore does tourism business and whatever is raised  is given back to conservation. We need to assure any tourist that whatever you pay during your visit to parks and reserves will go directly to their protection.

If you’re looking for a vacation that provides a huge sense of personal recreation while still being fun, exciting, relaxing, adventurous and rewarding, we suggest you check out our wide range of tours and travel packages.

Vision and Mission

Vision: To safeguard wildlife, environment nature at its Best


To Deliver worthily,conservation of wildlife and environment

Our Services include:

  • Online Booking of Hotels and Tours
  • Camping
  • Online Research Services
  • Visa and Ticket Processing
  • Filming Services
  • Wildlife Activism
  • Professional Tour guiding services
  • Team Building
  • Camping ,Hiking  and Training


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